Rack for backpacks

A couple weeks ago Lady of the House asked me to do something to all those backpacks hanging on the floor and corners. Naturally I took the challenge and started to make plans and specs with her. The goal was set:

1. Be able to carry 3 medium sized backpacks, fully loaded with books.

2. Looks nice.

3. Stays on the wall.

The starting point was a pine board. I cut it to lenght and drilled some through-holes to it. I also did three round pockets on rear side of the board. It also got some paint to match the wall it was going to.

When woodworking was settled, it was time to fire the lathe up.

Since I do not have pictures from the first rack, here are some from the second one.

 I ordered some hooks from that Swedish four-letter international furniture brand, only to find out that support mechanism inside that hook was plastic. 

That black thing in the middle of those shiny metal parts.

Before they arrived I planned to turn some aluminum plates to support those hooks. When the plastic was found it was only the matter of some more turning. I ended up using only the cap from the original hooks. 

I turned plates under the hooks and to backside of board. 

I drilled a hole on that plate going to backside to keep it from turning if tightning bolt get loose. I made a midsection part which actually holds the load. It was turned to lenght, threaded, and drilled from steel. Because of the set parameters I could not find standard bolt to fit inside midsection. Lathe solved that problem. That bolt holds everything together. It goes through midsection, support plate and pine board straight to the backplate which threads holds it in position. Bolt can be tightened up with an allen key. Midsection has an shoulder which keep the bolt from slipping through. The cap can be rotated in place when other parts of the hook are assembled.

When all parts was done, it was time to assemble the rack and attach it to the wall. 

The end product was actually so good that I received another order, this time a little shorter one and a different colour. 

As of writing this it is not on the wall yet, but it is ready to go.
(This blog text was created with a mobile phone application and boy, I feel that it killed all that small amount of smoothness of writing I may have had..)


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