2009 Mini Fuel Leakage

A friend of mine was on a holiday trip with his friends. They were going through the city I live at the moment. Their -09 Mini decided to burst some fuel on to the road only a couple of kilometers away from the place where I stay. 

First inspection showed nothing. But when we started the engine, the problem was clear: Pressurised rubber fuel hose had worn itself out towards the other hose and fuel was literally bursting out. It was Sunday and there was no place to go to get a spare part. And if shops were open, of course they had to order the spare part, I guess. We got an idea: What if we put some copper tubing into the broken area and secure joints with hose clamp? A quick Google search revealed that Mini’s fuel pressure is 4-6 bar. A reference call to a friend of mine confirmed that our idea was worth trying: The same trick has worked with a Mercedes, which has fuel pressure of 9 bar. My friend suggested that we should put two clamps per joint, total of four clamps. By doing that there should not be any problems. We managed to find some copper tube and hose clamps, and voila!


Fixing parts, or what is left after the repair.


Fixed! A friend of mine showing the results of our work.

The replacement part could be quite expensive, those proprietary connectors smells like a good amount of money..


It was a kind of difficult to reach but we managed to get it right.

Testing revealed no leakage. Success! Friends could proceed their trip. I suggested to the owner of the car that he should order correct spare hose as soon as possible.

Later on I got a message from my friend that no leakages has found. Good!


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