Nokia N900 wireless charging #2

It’s been a while.

I put a wallwart to power the station and made two white lines to mark where system is working. I also superglued the coil and electronics behind the battery and cut a hole to the backplate of phone for them. I lifted coil a bit up with two sheets of plastic. I also covered both coil and electronics with esd-plastic sheet. Field experience is still zero, but who knows, maybe some day..

– Rene

charging.. someheight wireless System


2 thoughts on “Nokia N900 wireless charging #2

  1. Hans says:


    I was interested, how is this set-up keeping up?
    Is it stil worken..?
    I”d like to try this too..

    I’v got a few questions, maybe you could mail me?

    • renerento says:


      it still sits in my desktop, I have some other interests right now. But I think it works. Maybe you can make those modifications and check how it goes?
      Best of luck!

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