Changing 2001 Clio cabin heater radioator

My ’01 Clio leaked liquid to the floor. Closer inspection showed that cabin heater radiator had some problems. I decided to replace it. I ordered the replacement part from local shop and after it arrived it was time to get hands dirty. The whole thing took from me about 4 hours.

This is from the early stage.

Since cabin heater radiator is deep inside the car, a whole lot of things had to got out. Steering wheel, dashboard, passenger’s airbag, temperature and air flow controllers, etc.. I had to even loosen those iron bars to get radiator out..

After a bit disassembling we have a cause of our problems in our hands. The white thing shows that this really is our bad guy.

To make really sure, here is the bad boy itself.

Shiny new one:

New and old one for matching..

And all back together:

Further inspection showed that no leakage was found. Job well done!

After repairing it was time to see what was inside the broken one: Plastic heads, thin lamels, some piping and spirals that make coolant liquid really spin inside the piping.


4 thoughts on “Changing 2001 Clio cabin heater radioator

  1. Rui Moreno says:

    Hi! Can you please comment on how to remove the pipe connectors on the engine bay side? I can turn them with my hand so I suppose I have to press the little “bars” that go across each pipe and pull? Is this correct? I’ll be changing mine in the next few days…

    • renerento says:

      Hi Rui!
      Yes, those little “bars” are exatly the place place you need to press. If I remember correctly(sold the car many moons ago), the bars were quite hard to press using bare hands.

      Please keep in mind, that leak in the cabin radiator may cause from the fact that head gasket has given up, which was true in my case. Later on I had to change that as well. I haven’t post about that operation yet. (As you understand, leaking head gasket makes over pressure to the cooling system and the weakest point start to leak. Usually it is the plastic parts of the system.)

      But anyway, Best of luck for you for repairing!

      – Rene

  2. Immo says:

    Hello Rene! Thank You for this post. Do you really mean cylinder head gasket? Do you mean that engine (?) over pressure cooling system or because of gasket problem, cooling water are not able to go around and that make over pressure?

    • renerento says:


      Yes, I mean the Cylinder Head Gasket. When it leaks, pressure from the combustion chamber can get in to the cooling system. This pressure is way too high for normal conditions in the cooling system. Cooling fluid can rotate as it is meant, but as I said, pressure is too high when Head Gasket leaks and the weakest point gives up.

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