BMW e36 seat heater repair

Last spring I bought a 1999 BMW. The Driver’s side seat heater was broken and where I live winters can be pretty cold and snowy. With no other option than repair the thing I started to work.

On the first picture can be seen some bars and rings that hold the linings on the cushion. It was a nightmare to get all 18 (or was them 16?) rings off. And later back on, too 🙂

On the second one is the heater element itself. Element had no damage but the wires feeding it had. Both of them were broken. I added some new wires and measured that everything was ok. Then I put the lining back on the cushion with those small rings and put seat back together. Cushion is held in place with 4 small black plastic pins which tend to brake when taking cushion off from the seat, so you need to have them spare before starting to work..

And pictures:


2 thoughts on “BMW e36 seat heater repair

  1. Rock says:

    Thanks for posting your experience.
    I have a ’94 318ic with seat heaters. The lights on the switches work great, but I have never noticed any heat coming into/up from the seat. Now I know what to look for!

    I moved to Iowa from Louisiana and heated seats haven’t been a big deal. Now……”you betcha”!
    Thanks again.

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